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Planful learning and assessment


Full of or rich in plans; Characterized by planning; Organized; Systematic.

Oxford English Dictionary

Our Areas of Expertise

Impactful Innovation


Designing impactful innovation has been elusive.  The challenge is invention alone fails to positively change people’s lives. We help organizations put all the pieces together to create successful innovation.

Principled Design

Principled Design

Principled design is a way of thinking. On the assessment side, Principled Assessment Design is a family of related approaches including cognitive design systems, evidence‐centered design, principled design for efficacy, and assessment engineering.

Learning Science

Learning Sciences

The Learning Sciences have influenced the Common Core Math and the Next Generation Science Standards and NAEP Reading 2025. We support educators and students, and improve instruction and assessment, by combining teachers’ wisdom with Learning Sciences findings.

Engaging Content

Interested learners

Creating interesting learning and assessment content for kids has been hit-or-miss. We make it predictable by starting with the science on what makes tasks and activities engaging and relevant. We then tailor this knowledge to students’ lives and where they learn.

Modern Validity


Contemporary approaches view validity as an evidence-based argument made to a particular audience. We bring the tools, expertise, and experience to help you build strong validity arguments for the audience important to you.

What we’re thinking about …

Recent Blog Posts

woman showing apple and bitten doughnut

The Last Word—Making a Judgement About the Validity Argument

If you have been following along over the last five blog posts, you may be experiencing some discomfort at the prospect of intentionally crafting the communication of a validity argument to support or challenge a particular score interpretation and use. Maybe you want to simply present the validity argument and let the chips fall whereContinue reading The Last Word—Making a Judgement About the Validity Argument

woman holding white papers

Themes and Theses: More Tools to Effectively Communicate a Complex Validity Argument

In our last blog, we described how to develop and use narratives as a tool to help the test developer communicate a validity argument to a nontechnical audience. In this blog, we give you two additional tools to help you effectively communicate a validity argument supporting the intended score interpretation and use: A thesis statement,Continue reading Themes and Theses: More Tools to Effectively Communicate a Complex Validity Argument

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